Choosing a Long-Term RV Destination Spot


At I-35 RV Park & Resort in Texas, we know how much people love their RV and taking a trip out to enjoy everything RV camping can offer. So, for those looking for a long-term RV destination and stay, we’ve decided to offer a quick guide to help you be prepared and make the right choice.

RV Camping in A Specific Destination

Prior to choosing a place for seasonal or long-term parking, we suggest trying to plan ahead based on where you will be camping.

Remember, there are three things you need to keep in mind…

  • Where would you really want to go?
  • Will you be checking out any attractions or special events while you are there?
  • Will you be going to any National Parks while you are camping?

Picking a spot around where these things might be happening is important. Camping in a destination can be less complicated if you don’t need to travel too far to see and go to the places you want to see.

               RV Camping in A Specific Destination

How to Pick A Destination?

While the aforementioned places and things you want to see can play a big role in where you decide to go, another aspect to keep in mind is the season in which you are traveling and the weather that will accompany it.

Warm Weather Destinations for Long-Term Camping

Depending on your location, are you trying to get away from the winter or cold weather? If so, coming down south to Texas and other regions is a good option and one that is extremely popular with RVers and campers. Since it is such a popular choice among the RV community, it is always recommended to decide and try to book your reservation well in advance.

Spots always fill quickly at I-35 RV Park & Resort, so be sure to reserve with our team today.

Winter & Off-Season Destinations

If you are planning on winterizing your RV or have an all-season RV, maybe you want to go where it is a little colder. While reservations won’t be too hard to come across, keep in mind that it can be tougher to find RV parks that are open in destinations where it can go very cold.

Be sure to not only do your homework about the RV park you want to stay at but also what goes into winter RVing and the preparation needed.

I-35 RV Park & Resort in Texas

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