How to Go RV Camping During the Winter Months & Avoid the Cold!


Taking an RV camping trip to get a break from the cold weather is often a top priority for many people. This activity is known as “snowbirding,” as traveling south is a great way for campers to avoid harsh cold spells during the winter months. Choosing to visit campgrounds in Waco is the perfect destination for anyone that wants to spend time in a warmer climate. While the weather can get a bit cold in Texas, you usually won’t have to worry too much about snow or ice as long as you check out the weather forecast ahead of time. Keeping a few tips in mind will help ensure you have a great trip while creating many special memories with friends or family members.

Here are a few simple ideas on how to go camping during the winter months without having to deal with the bitter cold.

Check Out Snowbird Friendly Areas

Many RV parks in the south make a lot of their money during the winter by renting to people looking to get away from cold weather. A few of the most popular snowbird areas include Texas, Florida, Arizona, and even some places in Mexico. These parks are often listed as “Snowbird Friendly,” as they will usually provide a monthly discount rate to encourage RV campers to rent for the entire winter season. Doing some research in advance can help you determine the best available options at your destination.

Don’t Forget About Preparing Your Home

While planning for your next RV trip is always exciting, it’s important not to forget to prepare your home for winter while you are camping. No one wants to spend a few months away from home to only return to busted pipes inside of your house. One way to prepare your home for the winter months is to hire a plumber to drain all of the water from your pipes and to turn it off before you leave. Getting a family member or friend to visit your house every week is also a good idea to ensure everything is going well without any issues.

Check Out the Costs and Restrictions

Not all RV parks are created equal, as it’s important to do your research in advance before you choose your destination. Many RV parks offer a wide variety of amenities to attract visitors, such as full hookups, covered sites, storage areas, laundry rooms, pools, and free WiFi. Depending on your different needs, you may prefer a location that’s great for pop-up campers, or you may be more interested in an area that specializes in motorhomes. Comparing all of the different available options can help you find the perfect RV park to stay at during the winter months.

Outfit Your RV for Winter

Traveling to the south is a great way to experience warmer weather, but the temperature can still drop to the 50s or even lower during the night. Bringing clothes for cooler weather is a great way to stay proactive, as it’s not always easy to predict the weather. Outfitting your RV for colder temperatures is also important, as you may need to add foam insulation to cover your water hoses and supply lines to prevent anything from freezing. Taking the time to outfit your RV for winter can save you a lot of trouble while making it much easier to enjoy your trip at the campgrounds in Waco.

Perfect Opportunity to Make Lifelong Friends

Visiting an RV park during the winter season is a great way to meet new friends. These people often feel like a second family, as many campers often return to the same RV parks each winter. Most RV parks also offer many activities to enjoy, whether it’s hiking on nature trails, fishing at a pond, practicing your golf swing, or simply spending time outdoors. All of these different activities are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy warmer weather while making many new friends.

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I-35 RV Park & Campground offers 250 full-service sites for campers. Spending time at our campground in Waco during the winter months is perfect for anyone looking to get away from snowy and icy weather. Our campground offers a wide variety of amenities, whether you need a free breakfast, access to an indoor gym, restrooms, storage areas, and much more. 

Our facility is also pet-friendly, as we provide a fenced-in pet park, nature trails, and a pet wash. We are also happy to answer any of your questions, as we strive to provide the best customer service available. We are one of the largest campgrounds in Waco, as we are dedicated to helping you enjoy your entire experience while making many new friends.

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