Tips for Night-time Camping Trips


Camping is one of the quintessential summer activities that have nature lovers venturing out to unique locations every year. When we think about camping, images of gazing up at the stars, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, and bundling up inside a tent come to mind. What do all of these things have in common? They all take place at night!

If you are planning a camping trip, there are a few nighttime activities that you do not want to miss out on. At I-35 RV Park, camping season is our specialty! Below we have created a checklist of all the best things to do at night on our campgrounds in Waco, Texas.

What to Do While Camping At Night

Hide and seek in the dark

No matter how old you are, camping is a time to let your inner child out and play some classic games. Our campground in Waco has no shortage of trees, amenities, and open fields to run around in. Take your game of hide and seek to the next level on your next camping trip by playing after dark! If you are with a large group, you may want to travel in pairs so that no one gets lost. Our grounds are large enough that a classic game of hide and seek can be had without bothering campers looking for a quiet peaceful evening. At I-35 RV Park, we offer a detailed park map so that our guests can always find their way back to their campsite.

Bring an instrument

After a long day of fishing and hiking, it is always nice to wind down and spend some quality time around a campfire. Nothing compliments the ambiance of a crackling fire like a classic singalong tune. If someone in your group plays guitar or another instrument, make sure you have it on hand so that you can enjoy some music after the sun goes down.

Prepare some classic camping treats

No camping trip is complete without indulging in some gooey s’mores or fire-roasted hot dogs. Make sure to prepare ahead of time by packing the right ingredients with a cooler for any meat or other cold food that you plan on cooking. If camp snacks aren’t your thing, our guests at i35 RV Park have access to some excellent restaurants right by our Waco campground.

Brush up on your astronomy

There is no better place to view the stars than at a quiet campground away from the city lights. Consider packing binoculars or looking up the visible stars for that night before your trip.

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