Six Tips for Having a Great Time at Campgrounds in Waco


If you’re looking for a great road trip, it’s hard to do better than the I-35 corridor.  Stretching north-south down the middle of the entire continental US, I-35 gives quick access to top tourist attractions – including our own excellent RV park and campgrounds in Waco!

However, whether you’re staying here in the Waco area or anywhere else along I-35, camping is often as fun as you make it.  There are a lot of ways to improve your experience when camping and help ensure that you have a great time and make plenty of wonderful memories.  Here are some of our tips.

Ways To Have A Great Experience When Camping

1 – Pick a campsite with the amenities you want

If you just randomly pick a campsite or only stop when you’re too tired to keep going, you could easily have a bad experience.  If at all possible, do some online research beforehand, and look for campgrounds that are well-reviewed.  You can find plenty of information about amenities and services as well.

More and more campsites these days even include free (or low-cost) Wi-Fi, which means you can enjoy the wilderness without disconnecting.

2 – Be prepared for a good night’s sleep

Even as folks who run campgrounds in Waco, we’ll be the first to admit that the romance of sleeping underneath the stars often outweighs the reality.  You don’t want to simply throw down an old yoga mat or try to ‘rough it’ in a simple sleeping bag – most likely, you’ll be uncomfortable all night, and then be grumpy the next day.

If you aren’t staying in your RV, we highly advise investing in a high-quality tent that will be able to stand up to the elements in your area.  Sleeping bags within the tent are an option, but for a better night’s sleep, get a padded air mattress.  They’re a great compromise between portability, while still providing a comfy rest – and keeping you off the cold ground at night.

3 – Come with your meals planned – including backup options

It’s common for people who are camping out to want to catch their dinner themselves, and that’s perfectly understandable.  (Just be sure to follow all local fish and game regulations!)  However, some days the fish just won’t bite, or your game won’t wander by.  So have a backup plan.

Bring along a cooler with some pre-made cold salad, along with some basic meat-and-cheese combos.  At worst, you can turn your campout into a picnic.  Packaged sausages and, of course, s’mores are also must-haves.  

If you do have meat to cook over a fire pit, remember to thoroughly extinguish the fire before leaving, or going to bed.

4 – Bring warm AND waterproof clothes

Maybe the #1 mistake that campers tend to make, at least in our experience, is underestimating how cold it can get at night – even here in Texas.  You absolutely want some thicker clothing, such as a warm jacket and spacious sweatpants, just in case the temperature drops lower than you expected.  Also, pack some warm socks!

Don’t forget the ever-present possibility of rain.  At the least, you should have some basic ponchos.  Waterproof clothing or waterproof sleeping bags are also a very good idea.

5 – Have some seating options

If you’re staying at campgrounds in Waco or other places with facilities, there will probably be some seating – but maybe not enough.  You should pack some good camping chairs, lawn chairs, or other foldable seating so that you’ve always got someplace comfy to sit.

Hammocks are another great option, especially since they roll up and don’t take much space.  If you’ve got your special someone on the road with you, there are even hammocks built for two – if you want a particularly snuggly evening.

6 – Prepare yourself for the bugs and sun

Finally, always remember that when you’re camping outdoors, you’re going to be sharing a space with bugs.  Lots of bugs.  You want spray-on mosquito repellant at a bare minimum, and probably some kind of electrical bug-repellant system as well.  Otherwise, no matter how well you try to prepare, you’re likely to get nibbled all night.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Lots of sunscreen.  It’s easy to underestimate how much sun you’re getting, even if you’re in a shady area such as a forest. 

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