Four Ways to Keep Your RV Safe During Your Next Road Trip


Every year, thousands of people pack their lives into an RV and embark on long road trips across the United States. This is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and explore the country’s best RV parks like our Waco, TX location. The problem is, many RV owners do not know how to protect themselves or their vehicle while staying at one of these parks.

At I-35 RV Park & Campground, your safety is our priority. Before hitting the road, prepare yourself by reading these four expert tips on how to keep your RV secure.

Tips for Keeping Your RV Safe in An RV Park

Avoid electrical problems

Between your refrigerator, electronic devices, fans, and other RV essentials, it is easy to overwhelm your service breaker. Be mindful of how many devices you have plugged in and powered on at once. At I-35 RV Park & Campground, we offer free Wi-Fi, a laundry facility, and other amenities to take the pressure off of your electrical system.

Maintain temperature control

During the hot summers at our Waco, TX RV park, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a cool temperature inside your vehicle and avoid letting excessive sunlight in through the windows. If you have any pets on board, they may overheat if they are stuck in the direct sunlight for the entire day.

Fold your awning before leaving the park

Most modern RVs have retractable awnings, which provide shade for travelers to sit outside and relax after a long drive. What many novice RV drivers do not realize, however, is that these awnings are highly susceptible to changes in weather, and they could wind up damaging your vehicle if they are not carefully folded before you leave the perimeters of the park.

Have multiple forms of access for emergencies

In such a small space, minor problems can quickly become catastrophic. Whether you left a stovetop on or you forgot to leave water out for your pet, it is important to have an additional form of access in case of an emergency. By hiding a key in a safe place, you will always be able to contact the RV park and ask a member of staff to check on your vehicle.

At our top-rated RV park in Waco, TX, we strive to maintain a safe atmosphere, where guests have access to emergency repair services and secure storage facilities. Contact us today to reserve a spot.

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